The heroes emerge

The first stage of a game of Five Leagues is to create the war band, this is four Heroes and four followers. However the characters in Five Leagues have a twist, each of these soon to be mighty heroes are randomly generated, in my case right down to the name. The only in game input I had was choosing how they were armed and armoured and the backstory! However without further ado here is my initial cast of characters.



A young warrior whose father, Grundi, has displeased Earl Magnus due to his constant drunkenness. Wulfthere has taken an oath to the Earl to rid the Borderlands of their troubles, in order to redeem the once prestigious reputation of his family. As such he has taken up his Fathers sword, Winter’s Bite (Quick Bastard Sword), and set out on the road to the Borderlands.


A firm friend of Wulfthere’s father and a long time mentor of Wulfthere. Upon hearing of Wulfthere’s Oath he once again picked up his war spear and set out to ensure the young warrior didn’t make any mistakes that could cost him his life.

Rumbald & Erling

These mischievous twins are firm allies of Wulfthere and immediately jumped at the opportunity to cause mischief away from prying eyes. This worries Wulfthere as he is aiming to bring peace to the Borderlands, not more problems.



Skegg was once a farmer with a family, however his life was turned upside when his homestead was raided and his family slaughtered. Skaggs himself was left for dead. His son was missing from the bodies of the dead, and he has wandered ever since searching for any sign of the one last thread of his previously happy life. By tagging along with the war band he can search in places that would have been too dangerous to search alone.


Fed up with the constant trouble in the Borderlands Bergfinn has decided rather than supporting the militia in the defence, his best option might in fact be to take the fight to the enemy and join the war band.


Æskil is angry and always looking for a fight, whether or not it is his fight, in fact the only time he is happy is when he is fighting. As such he has naturally tagged along looking for whatever scrap he can find.


Aethelwald is fresh faced and bight eye, he believes if he tags along on Wulfthere’s ‘adventure’ he will gain the favour of Earl Magnus and a place in his war band.

First steps of the journey

I’ve decided that the first set of miniatures I’ll use for my gaming are ones I already own – a set of the fantastic Victrix Vikings.

Victrix Vikings

The set has 60 miniatures in total, which should give me more than enough options for both my hero’s and followers as well as the myriad of foes they will face over the course of their adventures.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to forgo the ‘typical’ fantasy setting of the game and instead I’ve decided to re-skin it in a setting loosely inspired by dark age western Europe. Instead of knights in shining armour I’ll have Jarls in mud-splattered chain mail.

I think this is rather freeing for me as I don’t need to invest in anything new and can jump straight into getting my Warband created.


Welcome to the Borderlands

Following a series of false starts, I’ve decided to take the plunge and return to wargaming.

Unlike most people who head down the local store/club, I’ve decided to forge a path of solitude. My false starts have always revolved around my availability to actually schedule a game, which is difficult between long shifts and a young family. Therefore I’ve decided to take scheduling out of the equation by removing my need for an opponent. I have opted for a solo game instead.

My search for solo games has led me to a game from Nordic Weasel Games called Five Leagues from the Borderlands. The game plots the adventures of a fantasy Warband as they bring peace to a small region in the borderlands of the title.

Every aspect of the game fits into my situation perfectly:

  • Solo – The game is designed as a solo game from the ground up, so there is no need to create houserules to control the enemy models.
  • Narrative – rather than each game being a one-off battle (deathmatch style games have never gripped me) the game creates a narrative that follows the same characters as they aim to complete a quest, almost an RPG in some senses.
  • Small scale – I won’t have to paint large numbers of models just to play a game (yes I know playing with non-painted miniatures is an option, it isn’t one I want to take), meaning as extra miniatures are needed I can get them painted over a relatively short time.

As I move forward you can expect updates of my painting, terrain and after-action reports, plus anything else hobby related I think to record along the way. If I haven’t updated the blog in a while make sure to pester me. After all one of the main reasons for my creation of this blog is to give me a way to be held accountable for my progress, and most importantly to allow me to be actively involved in the community, even if it’s not in person.

I’m looking forward to my future adventures and hope you join me along the way.